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Why Paint:

Fresh paint can change the look of your house and add curb appeal. Painting is a cost effective way to update your house and using a qualified painter is important.

Your home is also one of the most important investments you will ever make. Keeping it beautiful and protected is an important part of that investment. Paint is not just for beauty, exterior paint on a house or sealer on a deck is all the protection your investment has against the weather. Rotting wood is not only an eye sore but also a breeding ground for bugs that will do more damage to your property. Our professional painters can help you with this.

How to know when to paint your house:

If you check the exterior of your house and see the paint is flaking it is obviously time to paint and you probably have some wood rot, but you can tell even before it gets that bad. If you see gaps in the caulking or faded paint this is a sign that you may need to paint. The sun is very powerful down here in Bartlesville, OK so faded paint does not protect as well. The caulking keeps moisture out and stops wood from rotting. If paint is faded it also does not protect against moisture any more. House paint will fade on the south side the most because the sun hits it most directly. A good exterior paint job done by professional painters should last 6-10 years so that is another way to tell.

We hope you will consider us to be you next painter.